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by on September 28, 2022

Introduction –

In starting days, How website design caused of receiving  a lot of referral traffic from sites with unusual domains? With the highest bounce rate, i.e. 100%, and the duration of the current session is about to start i.e. 00.00.00, these things are mostly called referrer spam.

  • In our digital world referrer spam can damaged easily our analytics reports as well as its easiest way to harm sites. In our digital world spam is one of the important parts of our world. It plays a big role on the Internet.
  • Most type of spam is interesting by using internet features just like server space and on the other hand cloud space for requesting the terms.
  • In this way, some are taking preferable space.
  • Referrer spam Is one of the known types of spam and it affects WordPress sites that need to be prepared in some ways.
  • In some form, it can get into your Google Analytics system and start using all features based on offer ranking and doing search engines against us.
  • Not possible to go away always. But that doesn’t mean that it's permanent and not able to be fixed, even though we can easily fight back against referrer spam.

Referrer spam transfer managed the wrong format of data to our website to put our analytics reports of our websites with spam links.

How we can block WordPress referrer spam in Google Analytics effectively?

  • It's easy to make fake traffic in front of us and keep data sent directly to the websites of WordPress with the help of common spamming website techniques. Spam URLs will harm a website's analytics data with spam. It's also possible with keywords and points to remember.
  • It completely affects our report generated or related to Google Analytics. At the time of data appears under Referral data and as an overview of our site it affects the page views, bounce rates, and session reports.
  • If we look at our circumstances some hidden and suspicious-looking domains under our Referral reports, then they are most likely spam referrers.
  • When we run our website on WordPress, the google analytics report work after blocking the spam and it's sure to pure form of data from websites.
  • Whether we like it or not, spam is a big part of the internet. and Referred to as the best interactive form of the internet.
  • To send out some requests from the other belonging server space.
  • Some people take profit from users when it's sent over harmful malware and viruses

The best example is Secure, introduced in the market with website monitoring, Mobile app development company Bangalore malware scanner, integrity check, and lots of security features. This plugin helps to protect your website against hacking, malware, and brute force attacks

Step's to blocking Google Analytics with the help of some plugin-

Step 1- First we need to install the plugin Into your WordPress backend, on the left menu, click Plugins -> Add New, then click the button "Upload Plugin".

Step 2- We can easily install or export & import in the morning.

Steps 3 – After adding, the plugin section opens and for all plugins listed there we can easily here edit or delete the plugins in our Dashboard.


 In some cases, avoiding spam completely is not possible. But we can control the changes it has on our Google Analytics data.

Using the right filters, plugins, and some technical know-how App web development is the best way of stopping spammers. And it’s become more effective when we give you back the accurate data in Google Analytics. That's a good way to need to build a good website.

Most known to get rid of spam in Google Analytics?

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